JSTOR offers a combination of preservation, access, and discovery services at no cost to publishers.

Expand your audience

JSTOR is one of the most used electronic scholarly resources globally and has garnered a strong affinity among graduate and undergraduate students around the world, offering publishers a channel to expose their content to young students early in their careers. Publishers can also use advertising space and conduct customizable email campaigns to reach readers, at no cost. 

Increase the visibility and usage of your content

Your content will be cross-searchable with journal articles, ebooks, primary sources, and research reports.

JSTOR’s broad availability and high usage mean more traffic to your content. A study in The Review of Economics and Statistics found that for business and economic journals, availability on JSTOR results in a 10% increase on average in citations. And since our license agreements are non-exclusive, you have the flexibility to undertake any initiatives you choose. 

Ensure your content is preserved for perpetuity

JSTOR undertakes all conversion and maintenance costs to create and keep a faithful digital version of your content—migrating to newer formats as technologies evolve—and secure copies of print journals in a paper repository. 

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