The combination of continuously growing journal archives with rapidly expanding open and free content and primary sources strengthens the depth and quality of your patrons’ research and enhances the value of your investment in JSTOR.

Ever-growing archives

Each year we add hundreds of thousands of articles to the archives as the moving wall for each journal advances, at no additional cost to you.

Archive growth in 2020

231,000 added articles

25 new journal titles

Total archive journal content

13.3M articles

3,400 journal titles

Diverse Open Access and free content

JSTOR’s open and free content is also rapidly expanding and spans diverse content types contributed by scholarly publishers, libraries, museums, archives, policy institutes, and more.

OA and free added in 2020

8.6K OA articles

625 OA books

7.4k Open research reports

298 Open Community Collections

Total OA and free

47K articles

6.8K journal titles

26K Open research reports

300+ Open Community Collections

All on a trusted and highly used platform

The JSTOR platform is designed for and used by more than 81 million scholars and students across 170 countries and territories each year.

Content usage in 2020

287M item requests

210M archive journal item requests

35M ebook chapter item requests

24M OA journal article, OA ebook chapter, and open research report item requests