The Journal Hosting Program integrates current journals with archival journals and ebooks on JSTOR.

2021 JHP Title List (xlsx) | New and Departing Titles (pdf)

JSTOR acts as the online hosting and online delivery service on behalf of its publishers. The 2021 program features the most recent issues of more than 250 journals from 50 leading publishers. All subscription options provide current issue access back to the “born digital” date for each title, and access remains fixed back to this date with each additional subscription year.

JSTOR also acts as the subscription processing service for these titles. Subscription agents wishing to order these titles where there is an electronic component to the subscription, on behalf of their customers must, with exceptions noted below, order through JSTOR.

Fees & Classifications | Current Journals Price List (xlsx)

JSTOR accepts orders and payments from subscription agents on behalf of their library customers for Journal Hosting product offered in the Journal Hosting Program. For all questions for about how JSTOR works with Journal Hosting product offered in the Journal Hosting Program. For all questions for about how JSTOR works with subscription agents, please contact


JSTOR grants 3% agent commission on all orders received via Online Data Interchange in ICEDIS format. A minimum of 20 orders must be included in one batch to qualify for the discount. You can read more about EDI and ICEDIS at

Back issues

JSTOR does not sell back issues of titles that participate in the program. To purchase single issues or issues published prior to the current volume, please contact the corresponding publisher directly.

Ordering through JSTOR


The 2021 Journal Hosting Program pricing list is available for download.

Remit-to Address

Send subscription orders and other correspondence to:

JSTOR – Fulfillment Department
101 Greenwich Street – 18th Floor
New York, NY 10006
Phone: (212) 358-6400
Fax: (212) 358-6499

JSTOR does not accept orders for Archive Collections from subscription agents. If the agent’s customer wants JSTOR to send the invoice to the agent, the agent’s customer must send a request to JSTOR will decide customer requests on a case-by-case basis.

Tiers and Classifications

Some publishers in the program base their pricing on tiers within a given community. The tier into which a library fits is determined by its JSTOR classification. Agents that need to know the JSTOR classification of an institution should write to JSTOR will determine the classifications and respond.

Publisher Packages

Some publishers in the program offer savings for libraries who order packages of the publisher’s titles.

Use the package rates from the 2021 price list; do not attempt to calculate total costs based on discount percentages.

Please note: In order to enjoy these savings, libraries and agents must specify on the order to JSTOR that the library wishes to purchase the “Publisher Package.” Simply ordering all the publisher’s titles one at a time will not result in savings. Agents should therefore create individual records in their title files for these packages.

All Packages must be ordered via a single source (i.e. all titles in the Pennsylvania State University Press Package must be ordered through one agent or directly through JSTOR). Packages that come in as single title orders at different times from different agents, etc. will not be processed as a package and discounts may not be honored as a result.

Journal Hosting Legacy Collection

The Journal Hosting Legacy Collection offers an average 8% total savings on most of the current journal content for the 2020 subscription year. The collection includes more than 200 titles from over 30 leading publishers. Pricing for this collection is inclusive of discounts on publisher packages.