Institutions are increasingly seeking streamlined, trustworthy, and cost-effective solutions in the changing landscape of research and education. This is why JSTOR has incorporated Artstor’s high-quality collections and key functionality in one platform, where we will continue to build tools for teaching and learning as we expand access to this invaluable visual resource.

We’re excited by the early outcomes of these efforts, from increased use of Artstor’s images to new approaches to visual literacy in the classroom. As we near the completion of the integration, we plan to retire the Artstor website on August 1, 2024. We look forward to pursuing the long-term promise of bringing essential scholarship and images together with tools and features to unlock their combined potential.

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How-To / Live Webinar
module image: Orientation for librarians and faculty

Orientation for librarians and faculty

Working with images on JSTOR

August 30, 2023

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