The Artstor Digital Library is used by educators in 1,900 institutions around the world–and with good reason. Here are just ten ways you can enhance your teaching with Artstor:

1. Take advantage of a wealth of images and primary sources to enhance most subjects.

2. Use with confidence: all images are rights cleared for education and research (and beyond in some cases!).

3. Make and share image groups for assignments and home study.

4. Create fully captioned PowerPoint presentations effortlessly.

5. Easily generate citations in various formats.

6. Zoom and compare images and primary source documents with our IIIF viewer for close inspection and visual literacy, and create digital field trips with our virtual reality panoramas.

7. Integrate images and groups in your LMS and ed-tech tools with our permanent links and sharing options.

8. Increase engagement and learning success for visual learners.

9. Spark creative teaching solutions for STEM and other disciplines.

10. Amplify understanding of texts, help students develop descriptive skills, and ground lessons in time and place.

Ready to try these ideas in your course? The first step is to register for an account. You may also want to check out our teaching remotely page for more tips.