JSTOR is offering up a beastly alphabet in observance of this month, dedicated by the ASPCA to the prevention of cruelty to animals. You may be surprised at the creatures we can conjure.

A is for Anteater long in the nose

B is for Bear who wanders the globe

C is for Cat, because it must be

D is for Dog, our faithful friend

E is for Elephant, a gentle giant

F is for Fox, most cunning

G is for Giraffe, tall as the trees

H is for Horse, companion and workmate

I is for Ibis, extreme beak and legs

J is for Jellyfish, shape shifter

K is for Kangaroo in leaps and bounds

L is for Leopard, known by its spots

M is for Moa, once giant and flightless

N is for Narwhal, unicorn of the sea

O is for Owl, who owns the night

P is for Penguin, dapper and devoted

Q is for Quoll, quaint marsupial

R is for Rabbit, soft and swift

S is for Swan ruling the waterways

T is for Turtle safe in its shell

U is for Unicorn and uber unique

V is for Vampire bat, dining by night

W is for Walrus, a wall of a beast

X is for Xerus who owns X

Y is for Yak, the ox with a Y

Z is for Zebra, boldly striped

Further, try searches with these and other animalist artists: Rosa Bonheur, George Stubbs, Paulus Potter, Tsugoharu Foujita, William Wegman, John James Audubon, Edwin Landeer, Rembrandt Bugatti, Antoine-Louis Barye, Eadweard Muybridge. And finally, the collections below will yield more fabulous fauna:

– Nancy Minty, collections editor