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December 22, 2006

Ghiberti’s “Gates of Paradise”: Additional Images

Through an agreement with the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore and the Museo Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Florence, Italy), ARTstor has been supporting the rich photographic documentation of the recently restored bronze doors on the east side of the Florentine Baptistery, universally known as the “Gates of Paradise” (in Italian, “Porta del Paradiso”). The […]

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December 7, 2006

ARTstor to Collaborate in Documenting the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain Rock-Cut Cave Temples at Ellora, India

ARTstor is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Dr. Deepanjana Danda Klein, through which ARTstor will digitize her unique archive of photographic documentation of the more than 30 rock-cut cave temples at Ellora, India. The approximately 2,500 black-and-white and approximately 4,500 color photographs of the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain cave shrines […]

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November 20, 2006

Collaborative Agreement Reached Between the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (University of Virginia), the Society of Architectural Historians, and ARTstor

ARTstor, in partnership with the Society of Architectural Historians, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a forthcoming Guide to Best Practice for the use of Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR) in documenting archaeological, architectural and other cultural heritage sites. The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) at the University of Virginia is […]

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August 14, 2006

The Museum of Modern Art and Artstor to collaborate on digitization project

The Museum of Modern Art and Artstor announced a project to digitize nearly 23,000 photographs from the MoMA Archives’ comprehensive collection of exhibition installation photographs and distribute them through Artstor. This material richly documents every major exhibition held at the Museum, beginning with the inaugural exhibition of 1929. Enhanced and comprehensive online access to this […]

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January 26, 2005

Institutional Hosting Pilot

In June 2004, Artstor initiated a year-long pilot of its proposed institutional hosting service. This service will enable local institutional collections to be hosted by Artstor and served back to the participating institution alongside Artstor’s Charter Collection, and using Artstor’s software environment and tools. Ten colleges and universities have been working with Artstor to assess […]

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June 1, 2004

Artstor and AMICO Combine Efforts to Distribute Digital Images for Museums and Higher Education

The Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO), a non-profit consortium of 39 museums, and Artstor, a non-profit organization sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, announced today that AMICO will be phasing out its independent operations as it focuses on supporting Artstor’s emerging leadership role in providing broad based access to what is expected to be […]

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April 12, 2004

Artstor Announces Availability Of Digital Image Resource

Initiative Sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to Serve Educational and Cultural Communities April 12, 2004. Artstor, a non-profit initiative founded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, announces the availability of its Digital Library to non-profit educational and cultural institutions in the United States starting this summer. The Artstor Digital Library is comprised of […]

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April 1, 2004

Artstor Testing: Preliminary Findings

During the 2003-2004 academic year, over thirty colleges, universities and museums have been participating in Artstor’s “test” phase. The goal of Artstor testing was to assess our progress in building the Artstor image collections and software tools. Our institutional test partners – fourteen in the fall semester of 2003, and over thirty-five in the spring […]

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December 1, 2003

Letter from The Chairman & Executive Director

Welcome to ARTstor, an initiative of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. ARTstor’s purpose is to create a large – and indefinitely growing – database of digital images and accompanying scholarly information for use in art history and other humanistic fields of learning, including the related social sciences. ARTstor will be a not-for-profit organization, and its […]

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