Why did the Journal Hosting Program end?

Launched in 2011, The JSTOR Journal Hosting Program (JHP) was an initiative that let publishers host their most recent journal issues alongside their journal archives on JSTOR. JHP integrated the most recent issues of 260 journals with archival journals and ebooks on JSTOR.

One of the program’s primary objectives was expanding readership of important titles via affordable and sustainable means—for libraries, publishers, and for JSTOR. We had been operating JHP at a loss and could not continue in a financially viable way both for us and for our participating publishers. Therefore, we decided to close the program after the 2021 subscription period ending December 31, 2021.

We explored transitioning from a full-order processing and renewal service program to a hosting-only model as an alternative, but the fees required would be prohibitive for our participating publishers. We continue to explore new and sustainable options for offering current journal issues on JSTOR.

When the program ended, current issues for the publishers participating in the program were removed from JSTOR. The archives for these journals remain on JSTOR, and we continue to add new content every year.

How did this affect new content on JSTOR?

The end of the JHP had no impact on content in the JSTOR Archival Journal collections; all content included in these collections continues to be updated regularly and becomes available as the moving wall advances.

Post-Cancellation Access claims to content in the program

JSTOR no longer offers Post-Cancellation Access for JHP Titles. To request PCA, you will need to reach out to the new hosting platform. A JHP Publisher Transition Guide for all JHP titles, including their new hosting platforms, is available for download.

Existing PCA claims

PCA claims for content in the JSTOR archives and behind the archive moving wall remain active. As the wall advances each year, new content continues to be added to the JSTOR Archive for all participating journals.

PCA for Portico participants

In cases where the publisher is unable to provide PCA, Portico participants may request PCA by contacting support@portico.org. If you are not a Portico participant and want to learn more, contact us.

To expedite Portico processing, please include the following information:

  • PCA template filled in with the specific titles, volumes, or years you electronically subscribed to
  • The publisher or agent with whom you carried the subscription
  • Copies of invoices or purchase orders (screenshots from your ordering system are acceptable)

JHP content in Archive

The end of JHP had no impact on content in the JSTOR Archival Journal collections; all JHP content included in the Archival Journal collections remains in these collections. As the moving wall advances each year, a year of content becomes accessible in the archives.