Institutions have invested in digitizing their collections, but solutions for managing this content tend to be expensive, hard-to-use, and siloed from other products and workflows. ITHAKA, the nonprofit bringing you trusted resources like JSTOR and Portico, can help.

In this video, Syed Amaanullah, Sr. Product Manager of JSTOR Forum at ITHAKA, discusses how you can:

  • Easily manage cataloging, metadata, and publishing all in one place
  • Save on costs with cloud-based software and publishing to JSTOR included
  • Collaborate across departments and projects
  • Expand your collections’ reach and evaluate impact with 24/7 usage statistics

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Through decades of offering trusted non-profit resources like JSTOR and Portico, ITHAKA has built the infrastructure services that enable you to make your collections discoverable and free of paywalls to a global community of faculty, students, and researchers, and to ensure your content remains accessible for generations to come. We will continue to partner with our community to offer a broad spectrum of services in support of this work.