Tired of managing your content across multiple platforms? In combination with shared collections, preserved collections, and/or JSTOR Forum, our collection harvesting service lets you effortlessly syndicate your valuable resources to accomplish your collection goals.

Here’s what collection harvesting offers:

  • Effortless syndication: Upload your media and metadata to your primary platform and we will bring it into our system as you direct using an automated process.
  • On-demand service: Upfront harvesting for new collections can be done anytime and updates for existing collections will be done upon request.
  • Enhanced visibility: For shared collections and Forum participants, JSTOR builds dedicated landing pages for your collections, increasing their discoverability.
  • Preservation for the future: For preserved collections participants, harvested collections can be sent to Portico for long-term, secure archiving.
  • Streamlined workflow: JSTOR Forum and Shared Collections users can access harvested collections with their existing tools.

Collection harvesting is perfect for:

  • Institutions seeking a hands-off solution for syndicating content across multiple platforms.
  • Organizations who are migrating systems completely and need help getting content into our system for further editing and refinement.*
  • Anyone wanting to maximize the reach and impact of their valuable resources with minimal time investment.

*Please note: We do not offer a full-service migration and implementation service at this time.

If you’re interested in this add-on service, contact your outreach partner at participation@jstor.org.