Edward Brown. Durch Niederland, Teutschland, Hungarn, Servien, Bulgarien, Macedonien, Thessalien, Oesterreich, Steirmarck, Kärnthen, Carniolen, Friaul, & c. gethane gantz sonderbare Reisen. Illustrated book. 1686. Part of The Virginia Fox Stern Center for the History of the Book in the Renaissance.

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JSTOR Forum is an ITHAKA infrastructure service

Through decades of offering trusted nonprofit resources like JSTOR and Portico, ITHAKA has built a framework that enables you to share, preserve, and manage your collections. Our services increase your collections’ reach and usefulness, secure access for generations to come, and further our shared mission of improving access to knowledge worldwide. We will continue to partner with our community to offer a broad spectrum of services in support of this work.

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