This month, we are pleased to highlight several new collections added to JSTOR, offering a rich tapestry of history, culture, and creativity through various multimedia formats. Here is an overview of some of the notable additions.

British Medical Association World Tour Collection

Screengrab from BMA World Tour. Part 7. Wellcome Collection.

We invite you to experience the BMA World Tour, available to watch for free through Artstor on JSTOR. This beautifully edited amateur film forms part of a group of films donated to the Wellcome Trust in 2006 by The British Medical Association

This series of six films documents the British Medical Association’s Round the World Tour and Annual Meeting in Melbourne, 1935. The journey, also captured in a diary kept by Mrs. Katherine Harman, includes stops from Southampton to New York, across the USA, and onward to Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and various locations in Asia and the Middle East, finally returning to London. 

The specific film highlighted this month takes viewers through the vibrant island of Malta, where local boys dive for money, and the historic Rock of Gibraltar, featuring its impressive war memorial and the Moorish Castle. This visual narrative captures the essence of these remarkable locations. 

Stanislaus Region History and Culture Image Collection

A Young Man and His English Springer Spaniel in Turlock, California, circa 1915. California State University, Stanislaus.

Our latest collection from Stanislaus State illuminates the culture of the Stanislaus region during the 20th century. This collection consists of two sets of photographic images and one commemorative scrapbook that depict the multifaceted history, geography, and culture of the northern San Joaquin Valley. 

Highlights include early photographs of the village of Turlock, founded in 1871, and the evolving landscapes of Stanislaus County from the late 19th century through the 1930s. 

The Chapel Collection from Tuskegee University

Screengrab from George Washington Carver and Walter Crump. Tuskegee University.

For those seeking engaging activities this summer, we recommend exploring the recently added video and audio content on JSTOR–including that from the Chapel Collection. A notable highlight is a clip featuring George Washington Carver and Walter Crump experimenting with cross-pollinating flowers. 

This clip is part of a larger project titled “Addressing the Un-Addressed: Tuskegee University’s Hidden Audio Collections, 1957-1971,” which includes speeches given by important Civil Rights leaders and events, providing valuable insights into the relationships between Civil Rights leaders and their constituents.

College of Staten Island Student Publications Collection

Heatwave, No. 2. The College of Staten Island, 1978.

Delve into the rich history and vibrant voices of the College of Staten Island through their Student Publications OMEKA Exhibit on JSTOR. 

This collection consists of digitized newspapers, journals, magazines, and yearbooks published by students of Staten Island Community College, Richmond College, and The College of Staten Island. Explore captivating publications such as “All Ways A Woman” (1984), “Heatwave” (No. 2, 1978), and “Horizons” (1969), among others. 

Samek Art Museum Collection

Screengrab from Hans Richter. Vortmittagspuk (“Ghosts Before Breakfast”), 1927. Bucknell University.

The Samek Art Museum’s permanent collection comprises over 6,000 works of art from many cultures around the globe. This collection includes strong holdings of 20th and 21st century photographs and prints, Renaissance paintings in the Kress Collection, and significant but small holdings in historic prints and 20th century painting. 

Particularly notable are the 21 videos included in the collection, featuring works by influential artists. One highlight is Hans Richter’s 1927 film “Vortmittagspuk” (“Ghosts Before Breakfast”), created in the spirit of Dada. This avant-garde film showcases Richter’s innovative approach to filmmaking and his engagement with the Dada movement. 

Manuel Peixoto Dias and Evelyn Ravelli Dias Photographic Collection of the Twentieth Century

Manuel Dias. Box 36, “Ox-Carts, Soccer, Modesto”, 1993. California State University Stanislaus.

Newly added to JSTOR, the Manuel Peixoto Dias and Evelyn Ravelli Dias Photographic Collection of the Twentieth Century from Stanislaus State includes aerial views of agriculture, industry, and urban areas in the San Joaquin Valley, as well as vibrant depictions of Portuguese culture in California, Hawaii, and beyond. 

Captured by professional photographer Manuel Dias, the collection spans from 1918 to 2005 and offers a rich repository of visual storytelling. 

Each of these collections provides unique and valuable insights, offering users the opportunity to explore diverse aspects of history, culture, and creativity through multimedia formats. We invite you to explore these collections and immerse yourself in the compelling stories they present.