At ITHAKA, JSTOR’s parent organization, we manage nearly 20 social media accounts to connect with and listen to you. In the grand tradition of year-end lists, here is a roundup of the top ten things we’ve learned from and about you through social media in 2017, in classic countdown fashion:

10. 75% of you access social media sites on mobile devices.

9. You’re an interesting bunch. This is just a tiny sampling of our new followers:

8. Most of you are in the United States: 42-63% across all our accounts. Many others are from the United Kingdom and Canada, and JSTOR has the most international followers.

7. You are much more likely to click on an article link you see on Facebook than on any other social media platform — Facebook accounted for more than 50% of all visits we received from social media.

6. 53% of you are women. Hey ladies!

5. You love videos on Facebook. This is what you clicked on the most:

4. You downloaded 10,000 JSTOR articles from social media posts this year!

3. Your favorite Artstor Tweet:

(Thanks for the Met for their partnership!)

2. Your favorite JSTOR Daily Tweet

1. Your favorite JSTOR Tweet

Thank you for being with us this past year, we look forward to more interactions in 2018! Which brings us to this question: What would you like to see next year?

Let us know through one of our social media channels:

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