JSTOR users at institutions that also subscribe to Artstor may encounter a colorful surprise: some search results on JSTOR are now displaying image results from the Artstor Digital Library.

Screengrab of sample JSTOR image search

This feature is in pilot stage. Currently, some 840,000 images are available in the JSTOR image search, and the number will grow as we obtain the rights to display more. Image search on JSTOR is not intended to replace search on the Artstor Digital Library; rather, it is designed to enhance research on JSTOR, and not every search query will surface images.

Try JSTOR image search for yourself! If you are at one of the 1,400+ institutions that subscribes to both JSTOR and Artstor, conduct some searches to see relevant Artstor images surfaced at the top of your JSTOR search results. Some fruitful terms to get you started include new york tenements, alfred hitchcock, wetlands, Santa Claus, and aquarium. We encourage you to let us know if the results are relevant to your research!