All 25,000 titles offered through Books at JSTOR are now available exclusively in a DRM-free, unlimited-user model. We decided to eliminate our single-user ebook offering late last year and have since worked with publishers to bring more of their books into our unlimited offering.  Now, all of JSTOR’s ebooks provide educational institutions and libraries with the following benefits:

  • Simultaneous online access for an unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited DRM-free chapter downloads that never expire
  • Unlimited printing and copy/paste
  • No requirement for the user to log in or use special software
  • Interlibrary loan for all ebook chapters

Ebooks work just like the journals on JSTOR, ensuring an easy, familiar experience for faculty and students who already use the platform for scholarly research. The ebooks are fully integrated with journals on JSTOR, including cross-searchability and links to related content.

For librarians, JSTOR offers savings on every title and free OCLC MARC records. The ebooks are available for purchase through title-by-title selection, subject collections, or Demand-Driven Acquisition, and are also available through YBP Library Services. Each purchase also includes perpetual access.

“We are thrilled to be able to move to a simple, forward-looking approach to ebooks that will match the expectations of librarians and researchers,” said Frank Smith, Director of Books at JSTOR. “Now faculty and students will have an easy, frictionless experience using ebooks, so they can focus on what’s most important—the research itself.”

More than 400 institutions currently participate in the Books at JSTOR program.

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