New offering provides libraries more choice to acquire and manage DDA programs via preferred workflow solution

GOBI® Library Solutions from EBSCO is providing choice for libraries by extending its Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) services to include Books at JSTOR. This arrangement offers libraries more options to acquire and manage their DDA program via their preferred workflow solution.

JSTOR’s e-book program offers nearly 90,000 DRM-free, unlimited-access titles that are easy to discover and use alongside journals on its highly used platform. The program’s generous DDA purchase trigger and tiered savings ensure an outstanding value for library participants. JSTOR’s Associate Vice President of Licensed Collections John Lenahan says this is a natural extension of a long-standing relationship. “JSTOR has had a strong relationship with GOBI since 2014 in supporting library acquisitions for individual titles. Expanding our strategic partnership is a critical next step in supporting the academic community with innovative acquisition models.”

Libraries will have the option to use an approval plan, all profiled content, or all available JSTOR content to feed their DDA program. JSTOR DDA will be part of GOBI’s Multi-Vendor DDA service, which currently offers DDA through ProQuest Ebook Central and EBSCO eBooks. With the addition of JSTOR, GOBI’s Multi-Vendor DDA service will continue to ensure no content gaps and preserve library choice by cascading the DDA option to the available platform based on library preference. GOBI’s JSTOR DDA service is being rolled out to early adopters in July, with wide release expected for August 2020.

JSTOR’s Vice President of Institutional Participation and Strategic Partnerships Rebecca Seger says this partnership meets the growing needs of library customers. “Many libraries are seeing increased demand for e-books while rapidly working to support remote teaching and research, so cost-effectiveness and acquisition workflow simplification are more important than ever.”

GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO’s Director of Product Management Caroline Zappasodi says that GOBI prioritizes choice for libraries. “Expanding our partnership with ITHAKA by integrating JSTOR’s DDA program into GOBI will deliver an expanded DDA service, supporting the immediate need for libraries to provide increased access to digital content for remote learning, without putting additional strain on staff. This new service will enable libraries to capitalize on the best of JSTOR’s platform, pricing and catalog and GOBI’s trusted technical services, de-duplication and collection development support.”