JSTOR and Artstor have long worked with cultural and educational institutions to make digital content more discoverable. Today we are pleased to announce JSTOR Forum—the next generation of our Shared Shelf tool—that will help libraries, museums, and individuals unlock the value of their digital collections and projects by making them more visible and usable than ever before.

Libraries and museums can use JSTOR Forum to upload and manage image and text content, which can be published using a variety of integrated delivery options. Content can be exposed directly in environments including the Artstor Digital Library and Omeka sites, and data can be published to formats like OAI XML and JSON. Looking ahead, we will extend these capabilities to support a broader range of file types that can be delivered to a new destination: an enhanced JSTOR platform.

The updated JSTOR platform will host local collections and other material from libraries, museums, and individuals along with the curated books, journals, and primary sources that are used by thousands of institutions and millions of people around the world. It will eventually support the use of images as well as text, building bridges between content regardless of format.

Kevin Guthrie, ITHAKA’s president, said, “Our core mission is to broaden access to knowledge and education. For nearly two decades JSTOR and Artstor have delivered valuable content to researchers, teachers, and learners across the globe. JSTOR Forum becomes the mechanism for those users and their institutions to load, manage, and make discoverable their own material alongside some of the most highly used scholarly content in the world. We are excited to expand our collaborative relationship with content providers of all types—libraries, museums,
publishers, societies, and even individuals—in this way.”

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