JSTOR is pleased to announce that for the 19th consecutive year, annual access fees (AAF) for the Arts & Sciences and Life Sciences Archive collections will remain unchanged. In fact, AAFs for all JSTOR Archive Collections and Primary Source products will remain unchanged for 2016.*

Each year, JSTOR gives careful consideration to its participation fees. We recognize that the current economic environment in higher education in the United States, the continued struggles of economies in Asia, the Eurozone, and Latin America, and the loss of purchasing power in many countries due to local currency devaluations versus the US dollar have had especially difficult financial implications for many institutions. Our ability to continue “holding the line” on participation fees for 2016 is possible because of the breadth of participation we have been able to build over the past two decades from libraries around the world, and we are incredibly grateful for that continued support.

Working together, we’ve succeeded in keeping fees flat over the last two decades, while we have continued to add a substantial amount of new content to the JSTOR Archive collections. So far in 2015, for instance, we’ve added more than 4.1 million pages of content to these collections.

We know that higher education in general, and libraries in particular, are struggling to maintain their budgets in this difficult economic environment. And so, as a not-for-profit with the mission to preserve and expand access to scholarship, JSTOR has worked hard to deliver on our mission in an affordable yet sustainable way since 1997.

We understand that we are in this together for the long-term, and wish all libraries and institutions a successful year in 2016.

*Please note that pricing for the Books at JSTOR and the Current Scholarship Program (CSP) may change in 2016, as pricing is set by participating publishers.