Lean Library, a Technology from SAGE company that delivers library services directly into the patron’s workflow, is collaborating with JSTOR. Together, they will provide libraries the ability to deliver Open Access and licensed content on JSTOR to patrons at their point of need, alongside search results on Google or Google Scholar.

The collaboration will begin by integrating JSTOR with the Lean Library browser extension, offering libraries the ability to deploy relevant content from their holdings alongside patron search results. The integration shows patrons relevant search returns from JSTOR, whenever and wherever they start their search, starting with Google and Google Scholar, with the intention to expand to websites such as Wikipedia in the future.

Matt Hayes, Managing Director of Lean Library, said, “We are delighted to announce this integration with JSTOR, one of the most heavily used resources by academic library patrons worldwide. It is such an exciting complement to some of our other recent integrations such as library search. Library patrons can now choose to surface results from JSTOR, and their library’s discovery service, directly alongside their preferred search tool, such as Google or Google Scholar. This increases discoverability and use of collections whilst also aiding patron convenience. It’s achievable through new publisher integration capabilities we’ve achieved with Lean Library Futures, and we aim to share more of these integrations as the year progresses.”

Mike Sollars, Senior Web Analyst at ITHAKA, added, “Expanding access to knowledge is what we are all about, so we’re thrilled to have Open Access and licensed content on JSTOR available to people as they search Google Scholar and Google. The Lean Library chrome extension is a new, exciting way for us to increase access to patrons of libraries who adopt it and directly to users who download the free version.”

The JSTOR/Lean Library integration is available now as part of Lean Library Futures. To find out more, visit leanlibrary.com/JSTOR or contact your Lean Library representative.