We’ve recently released several features on the platform:

  • Topic pages: Topic pages (such as Storytelling) provide background and context for the many subjects covered in on JSTOR. They may be accessed via the hyperlinked subject terms that now appear on journal article and book chapter pages. The topics are a subset of a new 45,000-term thesaurus, built from 17+ source vocabularies, that is now integrated with the JSTOR platform. In addition to displaying relevant content, topic pages include a brief description of the topic pulled in from Wikipedia. Each topic has rating options—tell us what you think!
  • Faceted search results: We’ve also added facets for filtering search results, including subject terms, content types, and access options.
  • Browser pairing for easier off-campus access: You won’t have to log in to JSTOR if you access it from campus and revisit off-campus using the same browser within 30 days. Less time logging in means more time researching!

We’d love to hear what you think! Contact us with any questions. And remember, you can always find updated educational materials on the JSTOR LibGuides site.