On a recent webinar for JSTOR, Dr. Sara Moller, Assistant Professor of International Security at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University, discussed the special challenges she has encountered in conducting research in security studies.

Dr. Moller was joined by Bob Flatley, Associate Professor Electronic Resources and Periodicals at the Kutztown University Rohrbach Library, who shared how his institution is addressing multidisciplinary research and instructional needs through resources such as JSTOR Security Studies.

If you missed the live webinar, you can now watch the recording. Some highlights:

  • Dr. Moller shared examples of her research into current alliance dynamics and impact of changes in NATO policy that demand current and diverse content from policy institutes and government organizations, as well as publications such as the Inside the Pentagon newsletter and Arms Control Today.
  • Professor Flatley discussed reasons for purchase that extend to JSTOR  usage patterns at his institution, and how a subject like security studies is included in many programs such as criminal justice, computer sciences, bioethics, international studies, social work, and business.  
  • Robert Sedgwick, Senior Licensing Editor at JSTOR, reviewed the insights from more than 300 conversations with faculty, librarians, and security professionals leading up to the creation of the collection and shared some surprising information about the use of Policy Institute research reports.
  • Karen McKeown, Assistant Director of Product Marketing at JSTOR, discussed some of the newer and lesser-known features of the JSTOR platform such as the new JSTOR Text Analyzer and the integration of more diverse content types such as  Artstor images, ebooks, and reports. She also introduced available Lib Guides to support Security Studies, a free interactive Research Basics course, and the enhanced My Workspace for saved articles.

Watch the webinar recording now.