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JSTOR provides museums with access to nearly all archival journal collections for one set of fees: Arts & Sciences I-XV, Life Sciences, Business IV, Lives of Literature, Public Health, Security Studies, Sustainability, and 19th Century British Pamphlets.

Title List (xlsx)

Museums may also choose to add the Jewish Studies Collection, the Hebrew Journals Collection, the Ireland Collection, Struggles for Freedom: Southern Africa, World Heritage Sites: Africa, and Global Plants for a separate set of fees.


Subscriptions fees are based on your institution’s JSTOR classification. There are five JSTOR classifications for Museums: Very Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Very Large.

Classification is based on size, budget, and library holdings at your organization. To receive your JSTOR classification, please contact us with the following information:

  1. Institution Operating Budget: The overall operating budget for the latest year available
  2. Library Materials Budget: The budget for library acquisitions
  3. Periodicals: The number of active serial subscriptions
  4. Curatorial and Library Staff: The full time employment (FTE) of assistant, associate, and full curators, and the FTE of library professionals and support staff
Museum collection fees for classification of “Very small”
Collection Annual Access Fee (AAF)
Museums Collection $534
Global Plants Database $256
Jewish Studies Collection (Existing Participants) $108
Jewish Studies Collection (New Participants) $215
Hebrew Journals Collection $86
Ireland Collection $256

ITHAKA’s infrastructure services

Through decades of offering trusted non-profit resources like JSTOR and Portico, ITHAKA has built infrastructure services that enable you to share, preserve, and build your collections. The below introductory annual fees for museums are based on your institution’s JSTOR classification.

Infrastructure services introductory annual fees for museums based on classification
Very Small Small Medium Large Very Large
Shared Collections $1,200 $1,200 $1,500 $1,900 $2,700
Preserved Collections $1,200 $1,200 $1,500 $1,900 $2,700
JSTOR Forum $2,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,500
Collection Harvesting $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000

All services come with 5 TB of storage, and additional terabytes are available for $500/TB. Collection Harvesting is an add-on option that can be purchased with Shared Collections, JSTOR Forum, or Preserved Collections.

Artstor collection

The below annual fees for museums are based on your institution’s JSTOR classification. For more information about classifications, see above.

Artstor collection fees for Museums by classification
Very Small Small Medium Large Very Large
$330 $875 $1,295 $2,500 $4,250